Pokemon Masters Tips And About

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Pokemon Masters, you’ll explore the artificial island of Pasio, teaming up with famous Trainers to compete in 3-on-3 battles that take place in real time as you work toward becoming the champion of the Pokémon Masters League [PML] tournament. Each Trainer has one trusted Pokémon they compete with this partnership is known as a sync pair, and it’s the foundation of every Pokémon Masters team. developing their skills, Building a diverse roster of sync pairs, and pairing them in teams that highlight their strengths are the keys to being successful in your journey.

Pokémon Masters stats

Stats in Pokemon Masters will feel similar to other games in the franchise, but the real-time combat system means a few things have changed. The main difference is the speed stat, which now effects how quickly the move gauge fills. Since this is a shared resource, it pools your three Pokemon’s speed stats together to determine the result, making full team speed buffs ideal. Below is a rundown of the core stats in Pokémon Masters.
Pokemon Masters statistics are as follows;

  • Attack — Improves damage dealt with physical moves (spiky border).
  • Speed — Increases speed at which the move gauge fills up.
  • HP — How much damage a Pokémon can take.
  • Sp. Atk — Improves damage dealt with special moves (round border).
  • Defense — Reduces damage from physical moves.
  • Sp. Def — Reduces damage from special moves.

Pokemon Masters Hack

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