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DRAGON BALL LEGENDS is the official game of the legendary anime series developed by Bandai Namco, to be played on mobile platforms.

You have to rely on your instincts to play DRAGON BALL LEGENDS, which has intuitive controls. As you can reveal various combos with card combinations, improve your skills and fight real DB fanatics. You should use your energy at the right time to train your opponent and leave the fight with a win.

It turns out Dragon Ball Legends is not a fighting game at all, despite the fact it has some mechanics familiar to the genre. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be a fun, commute-friendly option for fans of the superb Dragon Ball FighterZ – and a decent stab at doing justice to the source material.

The idea is Legends can be played comfortably with one finger, probably your thumb as you hold your phone in the palm of your hand, and in this it’s a definite success. The game is responsive, with forgiving-enough input timings for casual execution. Playing the game well with one hand is certainly doable.

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