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Call of Duty mobile game which has reached the best places in the game industry has been very successful. It is very comfortable and convenient to play on the phone.

Call of Duty has been popular on consoles and PC for years. Now the shooter franchise is a hit on Android and iOS thanks to Call of Duty Mobile, which has already more than 150 million downloads. As is known, call of duty is a very famous game on computer and playstation. You can play this war game that has been indispensable for many years and breaks records with your phone wherever you want.

This news comes from Activision Blizzard’s latest earnings report today. Call of Duty Mobile released on October 1, 2019 with Tencent’s TiMi Studios developing the title. Activision Blizzard noted during its results conference call that the game is exceeding its expectations.

Turn the brightness up: What you see is what you shoot. The brighter the better, so turn off auto-brightness, turn up the levels and make sure “night mode” or the “blue light filter” isn’t on, as it will skew the visuals.

Connect your Xbox or PS4 controller controller: Via a recent update to the game, you can now connect a console controller to play on your mobile. You’ll be paired with other people using controllers when you play, so you don’t get an unfair advantage. First connect the controller to your device via Bluetooth, then head into settings > controller and you can see when the controller is connected and customise things. Destroy your enemies! and level up constantly.

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