Brawl Stars Brawler Tips and information about.

It gives you the shelly character when you start the game for the first time. and as you progress you unlock other characters. the majority of them come out of the boxes.


SPIKE: throws needle cactus bombs. With its super feature, it creates an area full of cactus thorns, which allows enemies to slow down and be damaged.

Brawl Stars Spike Brawler

LEON: quickly throws a bunch of knives at his target. makes himself invisible in his super attack.

Brawl Stars Leon Brawler

MORTIS: is thrown forward with every blow of the shovel. hurt his enemies and heal himself in his super attack.

Brawl Stars Mortis Brawler

TARA: Tara’s triple tarot card attack pierces enemies. the super attack launches a black hole that absorbs all nearby enemies

Brawl Stars tara Brawler


GENE: Fires bullets that are split by its magic lamp. his super attack catches his enemies and pulls them towards himself.

Brawl Stars Gene Brawler

PIPER: The further the sniper shots go, the more damage they deal. The super feature is that bombs are dropped on the ground and bounce away.

Brawl Stars piper Brawler


PAM: shoots without aiming and shoots their target with pieces of shrapnel. The super feature heals both herself and her teammates.

Brawl Stars pam Brawler


FRANK: attacks enemies with a hammer, and its super feature strikes more damage and stuns your enemies.

Brawl Stars frank Brawler

BIBI: the strength of the stick! When the scorer bar is full, Bibi takes a very strong hit and repels his enemies. The super attack is the gumball that damages and bounces to enemies.

Brawl Stars Tips Brawler

BEA: He loves flowers and insects. Throws a mechanical bee at a long distance to his enemies. super attack is an angry army of bees.

Brawl Stars Bea Brawler

RICO: fires a series of bullets bouncing off the walls. super attack is longer range bullets that pierce targets!

Brawl Stars Rico Brawler

DARRYL: He has a strong attack with two shotguns. Super Attack is to roll with the barrel bouncing off the walls!

Brawl Stars darrly Brawler

PENNY: It shoots a pouch of gold, damaging its target and everyone behind it. Super attack places a mortar.

Brawl Stars penny Brawler

CARL: Throws his pickaxe like a boomerang. In his super attack, he returns wildly with his car and damages enemies around him.

Brawl Stars carl Brawler

EL Primo: punches enemies with a series of punches. its super attack is a jump that damages anyone who is under it.

Brawl Stars el primo Brawler

BARLEY: Attacks enemies by throwing bottles and deals area damage. In his super attack, he throws a large number of burning bottles.

Brawl Stars barley Brawler

POCO: sends sound waves that damage enemies. super feature heals both teammates and himself.

Brawl Stars poco Brawler

ROSA: this boxer takes root at the botanist arena and teaches his enemies his lesson. It provides very strong armor with its super feature.

Brawl Stars Rosa Brawler

SHELLY: Shotgun rival team riddles with nonsense. Its super feature is ideal for destroying trenches and removing enemies.

Brawl Stars shelly Brawler

NITA: sends violent shock waves to his enemies. summons a giant bear with its super feature.

Brawl Stars nita Brawler

COLT: Like a cowboy with a double gun. fires a series of hits. Its super feature removes trenches and has a longer range.

Brawl Stars colt Brawler

BULL: deals deadly damage with shotguns at close range. he starts running in his super attack, destroys everything that gets in his way and repels enemies.

Brawl Stars bull Brawler

JESSIE: jessie’s shock rifle throws energy spheres bouncing between enemies. It places a cute but deadly turret in its super feature.

Brawl Stars jessie Brawler

BROCK: Fires long-range explosive rockets on enemies. fires a ballistic rocket rain that destroys the supers in its super attack!

Brawl Stars brock Brawler

DYNAMIKE: Throws two dynamites to enemies. In his super attack, he throws a huge bomb and destroys enemies.

Brawl Stars dynamike Brawler

BO: Shoots three exploding arrows towards his target. Its super feature is that it places three explosive mines.

Brawl Stars bo Brawler

TICK: A metal sphere filled with excitement and explosive energy! he throws mines, and in his super attack he takes his head off and uses it as a guided bomb.

Brawl Stars Tick Brawler

8-BIT: Like a two-legged game machine, it runs cumbersome bulky. It fires laser beams from its gun and increases the damage done by teammates with its super feature.

Brawl Stars 8 Bit Brawler

EMZ: Sprayes enemies with hairspray and takes damage until enemies get rid of the spray. slows down his enemies with his super attack.
Brawl Stars Emz Brawler


CROW: Throws three different venomous daggers to his enemies. In his super attack, he leaps and throws a dagger around before and after the jump.

Brawl Stars Crow Brawler

SANDY: Sandy often suffers from sleep problems, but no one can compete with him to rule the sand. throws sharp pebbles at enemies in battle and starts a sandstorm to hide teammates.

Brawl Stars Sandy Brawler

MAX: it’s very fast! It delivers serial laser beams to enemies. speeds up himself and his teammates with his superpower!

Brawl Stars Max Brawler

MR.P: A sullen suitcase carrier that hurls enemies with anger. It calls for robot assistants with its super feature.

Brawl Stars MR.P Brawler


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