4 Challenges Of Using TV Commercial As A Promotional Tool

TV commercials are highly effective for reaching a wide group of audience. It has been used for many years as an important promotional tool. However, recently it’s facing a lot of challenges. Here we are going to discuss the major challenges that TV commercials face.

Too many ads

In the past, there were not many TV channels. So, the number of slots where ads were placed was limited. No many companies could afford to produce TV ads, so the number of ads shown in between different programmes was less. But as the number of TV channels increased, more slots are becoming available. Companies are finding it more affordable to create TV commercials due to the advancement of technology. So, the channels are overcrowded with ads. People find it very distracting seeing so many ads. So, now they ignore most of these ads. So, the effectiveness of ads has decreased.

Ad skipping technology

The viewers can now skip the ads if they want to use DVRs. Most people do that and so that don’t watch the ad. This way the companies producing the ad are unable to reach their target audiences. The control of viewing ads is now in the hands of the viewers. Also, as there are many TV channels now, people tend to switch to a different channel when they see a commercial.

Electronic gadgets

As various electronic gadgets are handy now, like the mobile phone, tab, gaming device, etc., people don’t have the patience to wait during the time of ad to see the rest of the programme. They tend to look at other electronic devices while the ad is being shown.

Ads sometimes lack creativity

Not everyone takes the time to create a meaningful ad for a company. There are advertising agencies who try to so work with minimum effort and produce ads that cannot attract the audiences.

It is possible to overcome these challenges by coming up with an outstanding idea. The advertising agencies should give their full effort in order to create an ad that will become memorable. This way the companies will get the most return on their investment on TV commercials.